7 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Medical Practice

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Many medical and dental practices work within small office spaces that present many design challenges. These 7 efficient medical office design tips will help you optimize your small space without sacrificing patient comfort.

1. Create a centralized storage system.

Keep your supplies in a centralized location and stock each of your patient rooms daily. This allows you to save space while being more efficient. Centralized storage allows you to reduce the amount of millwork you use in the office while also making it easy to track your supply inventory levels.

2. Place patient operatory chairs in an open bay rather than private rooms.

If your practice wants to maximize production numbers, more operatory chairs is one solution. If you have a smaller space, you can fit more chairs into one large bay rather than separate exam rooms. You could also design semi-private rooms with half walls as a compromise. These solutions are dependent on your patient needs, but you can always build in a least one consultation room for privacy.

3. Use windows to make the space feel larger.

One of the simplest ways to make a space feel larger is to add natural lighting with additional windows. These also have the added benefit of calming patients and providing positive distractions during their appointment.

4. Install mobile storage shelving.

These types of shelving units can be pushed together when not in use or pulled apart to create walkways when you need access. If you need to store paper files but are short on space, mobile storage shelving is a perfect solution.


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5. Rid your office of clutter.

How much paperwork and supplies sit on your tables and walls? If you have a small space, clutter out in the open can make it feel claustrophobic. Clear your walls and tables of old or unused materials. Move essential items into closed storage solutions. This will make your space feel larger and maximize patient comfort.

6. Design your waiting room based on your patient volume and turnover rate.

How much space do you really need to dedicate to your waiting room? Different types of practices have different patient volumes in a day. Base the number of chairs in your waiting room around the average number of patients that occupy that space at any given time. A large waiting room for only one or two patients not only wastes space but can decrease patient comfort.

7. Make your technology and equipment simple to maneuver.

If your exam areas are small, it helps to have the ability to move technology and equipment around. Mount your monitors to the wall on extendable arms. Then you can move the monitor to where it feels the most comfortable for both you and the patient.

How do you maximize space in your medical practice? Let us know in the comments!

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