Brand and Business: Creating a Space to Meet Everyone’s Needs

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Ambassador Advisors – Lancaster, PA

Type: Financial advisors
Location – Lancaster, PA
Square Footage: 1st floor – 3,000 sq.; 2nd floor – 1,200 sq. ft
Project timeline: 1st floor – 8 weeks.; 2nd floor – 4 weeks


Planning and either building or renovating a space for a business starts with understanding what the business needs that space to do. For companies where business is mostly conducted over the phone or online, the layout and design of their space can revolve entirely around meeting the operational needs of the organization. For businesses where clients enter and interact within the space, it needs to do much more.

Using the design of your place of business to set the tone for who your organization is and the quality of the goods or services you produce can be key in instilling confidence in your prospective clients. This is exactly what Ambassador Advisors set out to do when they undertook their office renovation. The offices are part of a larger multi-tenant commercial building, but the work done by Real Services provides the space with a unique, polished and inviting ambiance, providing personality and supporting the Ambassador brand.


On-Brand Client Experiences

In the financial sector the importance of trust cannot be overstated. To reinforce the expertise of the Ambassador staff and increase the comfort level of clients, the offices were designed using a very classic motif.  Heavy molding and a conservative color palette, combined with furnishings that you can easily imagine in long-established legal practices or manor houses, signal to clients and prospects alike that this organization makes measured decisions and provides significant expertise. The space is polished and professional and projects just the right level of financial stability and success.

Ambassador uses these offices to provide clients with seminars and financial guidance. So making people feel welcome is another part of the equation, supported through the inclusion of built-ins that accommodate food presentation for luncheons as well as a wet-bar. Equally as important was the establishment of clear signage to help new clients with wayfinding within the building and office space. Ensuring that it is simple for your prospects or clients to make their way to your offices is a key first step to placing them in a state of mind where they can be relaxed and ready to see you as a trusted partner.


On-Task Employee Spaces

After the completion of the office renovation Ambassador Advisors found themselves facing a business opportunity that required changes to their office space. Adding new services to their existing portfolio meant expanding the size of the team and adding square footage to accommodate them.

These services and team members however would be able to largely conduct their daily operations without face-to-face interactions with clients. And in the event that was needed, the original office space provided the meeting rooms in which they could interact.

This meant that the new space could be designed with an eye toward providing the staff with the accommodations and aesthetic that would allow them to maximize their productivity. It also enabled Ambassador to make cost-effective choices and maximize the investment in the space.

The second floor offices feel very different from the original first floor offices. This area maximizes the amount of natural light available to employees, with smart lighting selections that supplement the natural light and create an inviting space. Cubicles provide employees with the privacy they need to work effectively while also supporting a communal and collaborative environment. High-quality modular carpeting helps to manage the sound in the space while also providing an attractive, durable and easily maintained flooring option.

Because the new offices were on a separate floor from existing operations, the renovation of the new offices was able to be completed without disrupting ongoing business activities. In just about one month’s time, Ambassador was able to increase their overall office by approximately 50% and offer new employees an attractive and comfortable working space.

“The Real Services team was great to work with. They took the time to understand the significance of each project and tailored their recommendations to meet our needs.” – Adrian Young, Executive Vice President at Ambassador Advisors


Unwavering Focus on Space Function

Real Services approached both of these renovations focused on understanding what Ambassador Advisors was trying to accomplish within the space. Their focus on function enables Real Services to be flexible and help drive choices that are tailored to achieving your objectives, letting you make the most of your office renovation investments.


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