Clear Dermatology: Berks County

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Clear Dermatology: Providing Berks County with a clear choice for healthy skin.

Dr. Jennifer L. Mueller, MD FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist with 17 years of experience, navigated her medical journey from California to Berks County. A distinguished graduate of Virginia Tech and Eastern Virginia Medical School, she excelled in dermatology at Drexel University. Dr. Mueller received recognition for her impactful international service in Botswana. Passionate about opening her own practice, Clear Dermatology, she envisioned a space that is clean, bright, and innovative, fostering a positive patient experience. Grateful for Real Services’ support, she is one of four Board Certified Dermatologists in Berks County, specializing in cosmetics with certifications in Botox, Asclera, Kybella, PRP therapy, and Juvéderm fillers. An Allergan Medical Institute Advanced Faculty Certified Trainer, Dr. Mueller shares her expertise globally.

Project Details:

Clear Dermatology, located in Wyomissing, PA, emerged as a beacon of dermatological care in March 2022, thanks to the vision of Dr. Jennifer Mueller.  With 11 years of experience in Lancaster, Dr. Mueller recognized an opportunity in the underserved Wyomissing/Reading area. To bring her vision to life, she enlisted the expertise of Real Services, impressed by their reputation for resurrecting professional spaces.  While the project unfolded amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Mueller carried on with her vision to create a beautiful modern space for patients to feel not only cared for medically, but also embraced in a soothing environment that fosters comfort and confidence in their dermatological journey. 

Navigating Challenges: 

While striving to bring Dr. Mueller’s vision to life, The Real Services team encountered unexpected load-bearing beams that posed a challenge to the original design, an element not uncommon when renovating a 100-year old barn. The team adeptly embraced the vision of Dr. Mueller, skillfully working around these structural elements and ingeniously incorporating them into the exam room walls, ensuring a seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics. 

Unique Features:

One standout feature is the transformation of the original loading dock into reception areas and conference rooms, flooded with natural light through two 800lb windows. This innovative use of space reflects the commitment to openness and innovation. 

Client Feedback:

Dr. Mueller commended Real Services for their attentive and considerate approach. The collaboration not only met the challenge of the existing structural elements but exceeded expectations in realizing a space that marries functionality with aesthetics. 

Clear Dermatology stands as a testament to successful collaboration, transforming not just physical spaces but also the way patients experience dermatological care. The project highlights how meticulous planning and expertise can turn challenges into opportunities, resulting in dermatology practice that is both welcoming and cutting edge.