Lesavoy Pediatric Dentistry – Allentown, PA

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Lesavoy Pediatric Dentistry: A Vision Realized, Challenges Overcome, and Smiles Preserved

Dr. Bret Lesavoy, a fourth-generation “Allentonian”, is excited to be back in the Lehigh Valley. His deep roots in the community, influenced by his grandfather, Dr. Stanley Stein, Chief of Pediatrics at St. Luke’s Hospital for 32 years, motivated him to pursue a career in pediatrics with a focus on promoting children’s dental health. Dr. Lesavoy emphasizes a conservative approach to dental care and values collaboration with parents and caretakers to develop personalized treatment plans for every child, from birth to adulthood. His commitment to fostering meaningful relationships and providing a positive, educational dental experience is evident not only in the care patients receive but also in the comforting and inviting practice he has established with the assistance of the Real Services team.

Project Details:

Lesavoy Pediatric Dentistry transcends the typical dental practice; it’s a thoughtfully designed environment dedicated to making children feel completely at ease. Dr. Lesavoy’s vision, deeply rooted in a legacy of healing, demanded meticulous planning and execution, to which Real Services played a pivotal role. The Real Service’s team assisted in bringing this vision to fruition, recognizing the essential and important nature of the project.

Visitors to Lesavoy Pediatric Dentistry will instantly feel at home, greeted by a lively logo, inviting touches, and a welcoming waiting room. Dr. Lesavoy carefully designed the space, incorporating elevated yet child-friendly finishes such as modern geometric wall tiles, warm lighting, and a custom-patterned carpeted floor. Beyond aesthetics, Dr. Lesavoy prioritized creating a space where children of all ages feel comfortable, evident in his meticulous attention to detail. Clients can look forward to engaging elements within the practice, including a whimsical monkey chandelier and a secret hidden playroom, ensuring a fun and comfortable experience for every visitor.

Desired Outcome:

Dr. Lesavoy’s ultimate goal was to create a dental practice that caters to all ages, from the youngest patients to teenagers. The challenge was to design a space that not only met professional standards but also exudes warmth and comfort. This required attention to detail and a keen understanding of the unique needs of pediatric dentistry. While navigating through challenges such as budget constraints, a common hurdle in today’s economic landscape, and facing delays in completion, the team exhibited commendable communication and flexibility. Despite unforeseen obstacles, their persistence paid off, and they successfully delivered a space that exceeded our expectations.

Unique Features:

A standout feature of Lesavoy Pediatric Dentistry is the secret door leading to a hidden playroom. Crafted by the skillful hands of George from Real Services, this playroom offers a serene escape, complete with a TV and games, designed to be calming and free from overstimulation. The playful touch extends to a monkey chandelier, adding a whimsical element to the space.

Client Feedback:

Dr. Lesavoy’s gratitude and appreciation for Real Services are evident in his glowing feedback. The seamless process, ease of communication, and accessibility of the team—Mike, Eric, Matt, and George—contributed to the success of the project. George’s dedication to his work shines through, as seen in the meticulously crafted office space spanning 2700 sq. feet. The collaborative effort has resulted in a space that not only meets professional standards but exceeds them, leaving both Dr. Lesavoy and his patients appreciative and grateful.