Is Your Office Design Hurting or Helping Your Retention?

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In the War for Talent, accommodations matter.

What will attract and retain employees?

Employee retention is a significant issue in today’s workforce. The unemployment level is at an all-time low, which means getting and keeping the top professionals in your field takes more than a fulfilling job with solid pay and benefits.

What can set your company apart?

Your office.

The culture of your office has a major impact on hiring and keeping your star employees. And a driver of that culture is not only the people and the atmosphere, but also your office’s design and functionality. You can leverage your physical office space with office improvements to retain employees and make new ones glad they made a good choice. Today we’re bringing you design ideas for commercial office spaces!

How to Improve Your Office Design

  1. Do away with the fluorescent lighting asap. No one works well under fluorescent lights – bringing in as much natural light and soft lighting as possible will help employees feel more comfortable.
  2. Add some open layout areas. This allows for more collaboration and connection throughout the office.
  3. Include flexible working stations and desks. Not everyone works the same – some might lounge in a comfortable chair, some might like to stand, and some might like a lot of desk space. Put the options out there for your employees to use as best befits their work style.
  4. Incorporate private areas – small meeting rooms, spots to have a private phone call, etc. Add sound proofing to make sure those who want to speak in private aren’t disturbing others.
  5. Bring in plants to make the atmosphere a bit more relaxing, but also to help with productivity. Plants have been shown to improve workplace productivity by 10 percent!
  6. Designate places for relaxing. Comfortable couches, recreation options such as ping pong, a hammock – get creative based on what your employees would like.
  7. Pay attention to ergonomics with options to really support the body as your employees are hard at work.
  8. Add some fun aesthetics – a pop of color here and there, a specific style of furniture and décor (Antique? Modern? Country chic?).
  9. Make it homey. Add carpets in a few places, armchairs, lamps, and a teapot.
  10. Add in outdoor spaces as well where people can meet, go for a walk, and enjoy the weather outdoors as well as in.

Work is becoming less a place where stuffy professionals are uncomfortable all day – ties, standard desks and cubicles – and more a place where people are productive because they are excited about coming there on a personal level. Modern office designs can have a directly positive effect on productivity and morale, according to research by the World Green Building Council. As you’re thinking about office remodeling, commercial renovations, and design ideas for your office space, consider making a place that is not only updated but attracts and retains your employees.

For specific design ideas to use in commercial office spaces, get in touch with us today to start a conversation that can keep your business thriving!