The Right Impression

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The outside of your business can make a difference in your bottom line.

Capture attention. Convey an impression. Increase the value.

The exterior of your business has more of an impact than you may think.

Curb appeal can have many positive (or negative!) effects.

A polished, appealing exterior can entice customers to enter. It can convey an immediate sense of brand. It can even be a great background for Instagram selfies!

Updating or renovating your exterior can benefit your business directly in your bottom line: more revenue, more clients, and more property value. We’ll walk you through how it can help and what you should consider.

The Effects of Curb Appeal


  1. Entice customers to enter – Especially in the retail or hospitality arena. Ninety-five percent of consumers say a store’s outside appearance influences their decisions for where to shop.
  2. Reinforce your brand – This can make an impression that will last. You only have seven seconds for that visual to make an impact.
  3. Improve access – Everything from signage to parking to lighting can make it easier to find your location and come in.
  4. Increase the value – Updated and engaging exteriors can increase the value of the property.
  5. Engage neighboring businesses and the community – To also improve the exteriors of their property.

More than two-third of consumers report avoiding a business based on how it looks on the outside.

So what can you do? Where should you focus your energy? Whether in small increments or via a large investment, you can definitely make improvements.

Improve Your Exterior


  • Add greenery – Some planters around the door or sprucing up the grassy or dirt areas near the road or your sign. It adds instant style and shows your business is well cared for.
  • Welcome mat – It sounds so simple, but its such a personal touch. Whether your business is in the medical field, accounting, or retail, the personal impression can give you an edge.
  • Updated signage – Is your signage easy to see, clean, well-lit, and stands out? It can bring a lot to your business.
  • Recently painted walls and window frames – Nothing makes a business look less cared for than peeling, chipping paint.
  • Bring in color – Pops of your favorite colors can brighten up the exterior and help catch the eye of potential clients.
  • Change the window display – If you’ve got a front window, make good use of it. Put your best-selling products in it with some flair, or if you aren’t a retail business, still use the space. Put some beautiful decorations in the window to add to the atmosphere.
  • Clean the windows – It makes everything look better.
  • Make sure the lighting is as good as it should be — Good lighting adds safety and makes it easier to come and go.
  • Update any outdoor furniture – It signals you’re continuing to invest in your business and your customers.
  • Make sure the trash cans are out of sight – No one wants to see or think about that when they’re a paying customer or receiving a professional service. Use tasteful seasonal décor, but only during that specific season, otherwise it can be tacky.
  • Maintain pathways and steps for safety – Be sure your customers have no problem coming to and from your business, no matter their age or abilities. Sweep the sidewalk or any front areas of the business outside every day to keep away debris and keep it clean looking.
  • Ensure the parking lot is well paved and clear of weeds or pot holes – Everything you can do to make the exterior more appealing helps! Maintain gutters, door handles, railings, and anything your clients will see or touch.
  • Keep away weeds and invest in landscaping if the property calls for it – Details like that matter and are easily seen.
  • Make sure its clear what your business does – If it’s not obvious from the name, make use of a tagline, window display or signage, etc. to make sure passers by know what you offer.

The exterior of your business can convey the quality of it, the type of services or products you offer, and give your clients a reason to come back. Consider everything from the parking entrance to the façade to the entryway. Someone who cares for the exterior of their business and understands the impression on customers shows how much they respect and value their clients.

This can go beyond minor updates as well. You could invest in refreshing the whole front or outside of your business or your property. Taking a dated, drab exterior and making it welcoming and modern will boost your presence immensely. If you’re in real estate or maintain properties as well, it’s good to know that commercial real estate owners who invest in their properties have more success maintaining retail tenants, keeping property values high, and helping a community thrive.

As you’re balancing business strategy, the day-to-day operations, and interactions with clients, don’t forget about the exterior. You might not give more than a glance on the way in each morning, but it can make a difference to bring in and keep customers.

If you’re thinking about updating the outside of your business but want some help from a professional, check out our experience and then get in touch with us!