The Top 5 Ways to Remodel Your Medical Practice to Improve Patient Experiences

Posted in Medical Construction.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, medical practices are making positive changes to their office designs. To address health and safety concerns and improve their patient’s experience in the office, be on the lookout for these five ways to remodel your medical practice in 2020.


Every office will now be equipped with rooms designed specifically for telemedicine. To keep the number of patients being seen in person low, doctors are now treating patients with certain medical needs via video chat. To conduct professional, private video chats, your room needs to be well-lit with a good background, be as sound proof as possible, and should have a great internet connection. Finding the best device and a method to mount or position your device and webcam is important as well. An expert, such as Real Services, can help you design a space that will take your practice to a new technological level.

Outdoor Pre-screening Space and Outdoor Treatment Spaces

Safety and limiting the spread of infection is at the forefront of everyone’s minds during this pandemic and will be for years to come. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, medical offices often considered outdoor their spaces from a strictly aesthetic and brand perspective, trying to make a positive impression on both patients and staff as well. For many locations, outdoor spaces are being looked at from a more functional perspective, for things such as pre-screens of both staff and patients.  Taking temperatures and filling out paperwork needs to be done before people are permitted to enter the medical practice. Having a private, professional outdoor space to do this will put patients at ease before even entering the building.

Beyond these concerns, having a multi-purpose outdoor space where staff can meet and take breaks in addition to consulting with patients is important as well and can help boost staff morale and reduce overall stress. See our blog about outdoor office spaces to get some ideas about how you can customize a space for your medical practice.

More Space for Social Distancing

Crowded waiting rooms and sharing rooms with other patients are a thing of the past. With the rise of technology, most medical practices are keeping digital records. This switch to digital has allowed many practices to reclaim the square footage that used to be dedicated to holding patient records and convert it to more useable space for reception or practice areas. You can easily expand your waiting room because you will no longer need a room to keep patient records anymore. As telemedicine expands, some offices are reconsidering how many patient rooms are needed. Now is a great time to change the layout of your existing office or customize a design for your new space that will make your patient’s experience positive.

Relaxing Designs

Cold, sterile feeling medical practices are a thing of the past. With developments in fabric technology and the ability for manufacturers to make bacterial resistant furniture out of many different types of fabrics, you can now design your waiting rooms and patient rooms to feel like home. Softer sofas, oversized chairs, and attractive end tables can make any space feel inviting. Using warm colors to create a “spa” feel in addition to incorporating artwork or cultural pieces can make a space more attractive. Having soft, calming ambient music in the waiting room and in each individual room will put your patients at ease and improve their medical office patient experience.

Wayfinding Designs

Medical offices are notorious for having winding hallways and long corridors with identical rooms. Finding your room or the exit to the office can be confusing for patients and can cause additional stress. Your professional contractor can help you create a design in your office that will help guide your patients to their destination and make it easier for them to navigate.

Patient experience is vital to helping your patient manage and reduce their stress while visiting your practice. By implementing these changes, your patients will be at ease in your medical office and will be more likely to seek treatment from you during these difficult and changing times and beyond.  To begin the journey of customizing your medical practice, contact a trusted, experienced contractor, such as Real Services, to start updating your medical practice today.