Working Together: The Benefits of Having Collaborative Workspaces

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Gone are the days of traditional cubicles and closed office doors. Several studies show that people are more efficient and productive when they can freely and organically collaborate with their peers during the workday. A collaborative workspace is a workspace that allows employees and management teams alike to interact creatively and constructively throughout the day and promotes productivity. With a collaborative work environment, there will be less tension and stress for your employees. To transform your current office space into a collaborative one, consider the following:

Which Design is Best for My Office?

The beauty of the collaborative workspace is that there is no “one size fits all” design. Not all collaborative office workspaces are alike, and they should be designed to specifically meet the needs of your team and help your team achieve your company’s goals. You and your contractor can customize your office to fit your day-to-day needs. A collaborative workspace is very different from an open workspace. There are different spaces within the collaborative workspace that are useful to employees. Depending on the demands of your day-to-day work, your design will vary. For example, a marketing firm with a collaborative workspace would look a lot different than a realty office.  In both cases, they would need spaces where they could take clients for meetings, but they would also need unique spaces for meeting with each other, spaces for technology and also spaces with privacy.  An expert in collaborative workspace designs will work closely with you to pinpoint the specific and unique needs of your business.

Technology, Technology, Technology

Technology is advancing every day, and it is shaping every industry. From virtual meetings to software that speeds up productivity on all fronts, every business can benefit from having spaces where technology is the focus. Make sure that there are plenty of electrical outlets and the wifi signal is strong throughout your building. Adding smart boards and larger screens to connect devices to in common meeting areas will be sure to boost your team’s level of brainstorming when together!

Casual is Key

The days of hiding in your own cubicle or office are over. More and more businesses are opting to create open desks that seat 2 or more people with no dividers. They are also creating lounge spaces with more comfortable furniture to encourage relaxed conversations and to let creativity flow. Offering more seating areas throughout the office other than just desks and chairs will allow employees to organically gather and come up with ideas throughout the day. With a more comfortable and more social environment, employees are more likely to be at ease and let their ideas easily flow between them and their peers. Less stress and tension in the work environment will create less conflict between employees and boost morale.

Play Spaces

Humans are meant to be in motion and on the go. Sometimes the best ideas come to us when we’re focused on another task because even though our conscious mind is focused on what’s in front of us, our subconscious mind is always trying to solve problems in the background. Having a “play space” where your employees can decompress can be helpful, especially when they are trying to solve big issues. Consider putting in a ping-pong table, a foosball table, a table for card games, or even a video game system in a room where employees can take a break and then go back to their tasks refreshed.


Spaces can be flexible. Consider adding wheels to your furniture so each space can be transformed as needed. Tables can be pushed together and chairs can be moved to make space for more people to collaborate. Or an intimate space can easily be created at the far corner of the room if privacy is needed. Thinking outside of the box is key and professional support can help you come up with the perfect layout for a room that can be easily transformed for several different purposes.

Add Some Color & Light!

Pops of color can encourage creativity and can also improve mood. More and more designers are incorporating fun colors to keep employee morale up and positive. Having the office lit with natural light and bringing the outdoors in with plants are also great ways to improve collaboration. Also, offices are now opting for outdoor workspaces as well. You can check out more ideas on how to transform your outdoor space into an outdoor office space here.

Collaborative office spaces can help your employees be more productive because they promote creativity, boost mood, and employee morale. Consult an expert at Real Services and find out how to customize your office space to be more collaborative today!